Tadiandamol – the highest peak in the Kodagu district in Karnataka.


Kodagu (anglicized name Coorg) is on the Nipponese inclines of the Western Ghats. It’s a rough region with the record-breaking low rise inside the area at 900 meters (2,900 ft) over the marsh. The least difficult pinnacle, Tadiandamol, ascends to 1,750 meters (5,700 ft), with Pushpagiri, the second most noteworthy, at 1,715 meters (5,600 ft). Check from eight of us to seven to at last six began the search for this trek. Tadiandamol wasn’t the primary possibility yet the reinforcement plan giving the Jodigere trek falling flat, and it never took off then happened the trek to Tadiandamol.

Arranging: With absolutely no set up of the gratitude to approach, acted the hero was this blog of Santosh S.B. (the fantastic issue is he imparts the same name to the initials as mine!!!). The matter of finding a base spot and convenience with nourishment was settled as what’s more the course to be taken. With the underlying plans of passing by Badri’s Goodbye domain retired, I saved tickets on our past love interest the KSRTC area Sarige for 6 of us on twenty-eighth Nov. by and by all transports towards Mysore, Kodagu, Virajpet, Ooty…. start from the SMTC mentor station on Mysore street. Me, Raja, Master, Brother, Manoj and Nishant were on this campaign, the transport at long last left by 11 pm which we tend to be almost in profound sleep right away.

Woke at 1 am to glance out ourselves at Mysore transport stand (Phew! just 2 hrs ride to Mysore that also in partner degree passing KSRTC explicit transport!). From that point, we tend to come to Virajpet by 2 am and there the activation is snapped off for the rest of 2hrs. At 5 am we manage to got down at Kaikamba (Kakkabe) to watch out no spirit around which we tend to stand trusting that somebody will lift headings for.

We later complete we tend to need to prompt down the very metric direct unit before to visit the Nalknad royal residence where our base outdoors was to be. From that intersection, it was to be another 4kms trek to our place. Early morning chill, genuine rucksacks partner degreed soak rising made the walk even more sturdy. The partner degreed short of breath (we must be constrained to catch a later backup course of action up to Nalknad castle).

The street is tarred up to about 3kms where vehicles will be positioned on the side of the road and suffer on the trek. As we tend to at long last arrive at our base camp, generally speaking, early morning on void stomachs we have a tendency to have strolled for identifying with 6kms thus the trek was in any case to begin and it took North yank country a decent 2 hours for the lofty walk. Actually where we tend to stay is beneath procedures thus the overseer there, Thammanna lets it out to trekkers for resting and serves nourishment as well. It’s a stunning spot, leaf all around however damn cold and can increment as you go up the altitude. We freshened up immediately, Ate paying little mind to was served for breakfast, left the new things there and were prepared for the trek. We have a tendency to required to remain on the pinnacle however absence of right tents and instrumentality order North yank country back yet tamanna offered to set up a covering tent on the very edge of the absolute bottom of the pinnacle where generally all trekkers camp and is that the keep going give of water on the trek.

We have a tendency to in understanding and asking thammanna to be at the enormous stone (It’s a remarkable colossal stone that is a characteristic watchman for the great breezes and {preferred|most popular|Mostly we have a tendency to liked} outdoors by numerous individuals as fuel and water is accessible) by 3 pm with the lunch and tent materials we will, in general, begin on one among our most foreseen treks of the year.

Time: 11.20 am – we tend to begin thus the trek up to the colossal stone is level with no heaps of strain. We tend to come to, thereby twelve early afternoons once the varying meetings of photography is enroute. when a short rest and topping off water from the shut stream (leeches were here some other time… also, presently Bother was their preferred competitor!)

We began by 12.15 pm to beat Tadiandamol Trek. Their square measure distinct ways of driving into the mountains yet you are not, for the most part, climbing those you see ahead, the idea that props up straight dead turns a single way and you begin rising a clear pinnacle out and out. This arrangement of uphills blended with shola backwoods is the feature of the trek. It was steep, and it was getting vessel, the knapsacks, water jugs, cameras and even the jerkins began feeling heavier because of the moment advance and our legs began amusement (trembling attributable to stretch), no spot to rest partner degreed just partner degree tough soak climb and no sight of the sharp pinnacle.

After the arrangement of intersection tops and shola backwoods, bit by bit the pinnacle was evident that by one way or another restored our energies which we tend to were all trekking up to accomplish the summit. As we tend to take breaks in b/w, the peruse of the constant sight of mountain ranges blended in with the unpracticed woodland cowl and with cold wind pummeling our appearances made the trek worthwhile, and our weakness disappear. After about an hour and a half of strenuous tough trek, at long last we have a tendency to wear at the absolute best of the Tadiandomol top (the most remarkable rise inside the Kodagu area) and one among the least complicated heads in the territory.

Wow, stunning! the least complicated method for help, energy, euphoria, some pride – the sentiment of being on prime of the world cannot be portrayed in words, it’s to be felt and delighted in. As yet being centre evening, we have a tendency together that wasn’t sweltering yet very cold. Since the trek we tend to sweat and it was an ideal opportunity to do a Ganguly otherwise known as Flintoff act and rest. Raja snoozed off on a stone for various times inside the sun and with boisterous wheezing!!!

…what’s more, we others were lazing near, clicking photographs, butterflies, simply reposeful getting a charge out of the cold climate out there. We tend to finish furthermore why outdoors here is hard, open thin tip with shola woodland on one feature profundity and chasm on very surprising sides, no stones to shield the breezes and no fuel visible and wetland. The breeze speeds square measure extremely high consistently (upto 60km/hr) thus the temperature on drops radically thus the most issue is conveying all the outdoors stuff to the pinnacle is itself academic degree strenuous undertaking and water is rare as well. When an hour-long break, rest and satisfying nature locates the whole way across we tend to quickly slip all the methods directly down to the enormous stone that should have been our campsite for the evening, the drop took North to yank country only around forty mtrs however when we tend to arrive at the absolute bottom our legs were trembling!!!

It was four.30 and no indications of tamanna nor the camp material nor the lunch! A few minutes of languishing pause, unfortunate system inclusion and at last got thammanna out and about, and he was on his implied expressions of Alleviation! Our messiah showed up with the nourishment; thus, the materials for the tent, and by then, we tend to have gathered enough fuel to keep going for the evening. We incline to eat the nourishment given as all people were damn eager and loose because of the tent being made.

It was an academic degree open tent with the covering covered on two sides. Thus the different teams open. Well, we tend to needed to pay the night all through this and with the temperature plunging all {of North yank nation|folks|people} were overcome for the impulsive night future for Us Thammanna made the open air fire for North yank country, made the tent and said farewell to North yank country to be back succeeding morning to recover all the materials.

7:00 pm – it was dim consequently the|and also the force of breeze expanding thus the temperature plunging which we tend to have conjointly completed there was a huge gap inside the tent which could be directly over North yank country. Inside the case it down-poured we’d make some occasional memories. Practically about 8 pm, it appallingly occurred, and it began coming down! Water began unseaworthy inside wetting the dry canvas inside so all people jumped out and set to exchange the tent swing the outlet inside the mistaken methods for the downpour. All people got soaked thus the covering as well; however, the fuel was sheltered and dry. It only came down for 5 minutes, and others 300 seconds were sufficient to risk our entire tent arrangement and leave North yank country wet and struggling. We tend to refocus immediately, switch the covering, dry the internal canvas and relaid it, stabilize the hearth and initiate drying ourselves beforehand.

It was only 8 pm and black as night and not anxious to our mind-sets be spoiled (due to the downpour), began our enjoyment, masti and moved around the hearth with a few young men swallowing down a few beverages to remain them heat. 09:30 pm – when uncounted singing and diversion (Nishanth and Master were the team promoters and cheerful) around the hearth and rapidly swallowing down supper amid the fireside lit, we tend to any or all set to turn in. It was chill with the breeze procedure increasingly sturdy partner degreed partner degree open tent to pay the night. We have a tendency to cluster beside each entirely unexpected covering ourselves with covers, coats, Tops, gloves, socks with all that we tend to have conveyed. Still, the chillness continued. All people could oversee rest aside from Raja and Manoja as they were dozing at the outrageous finishes. Raja uniquely couldn’t rest because of the climate and since the hearth was wearing out and someone was required to remain it lit. Amid weird sounds to a great extent, the night appeared peaceful.

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