How and where to get a mortgage as a first-time buyer


As a first-time mortgage broker, your struggle is intense.  The first threat or obstruction is your ignorance, and you know nothing about the mortgage world and the property market. Lenders, brokers, loan procedures, hefty documentation, everything is so confusing. Don’t you think it will be better to have someone to tackle the conditions in the most professional manner?

The Answer of how and where altogether

The first thing to learn is that do not wander everywhere. Pick one spot and then exploit its extreme.

Hire Broker and Everything will Get Done

For a first time buyer, the broker is the best option to get the most promising prospects. Hiring a broker is perhaps the best idea to get things done quickly and with the required speed. There is no chance for any flaw, and for that, a sharp eye is necessary. Brokers always know the best because they know the market in totality.

The biggest favors the presence of a broker is that they are not tied to any particular lender. It is the reason that their suggestions are never deceptive. They show you the exact reality and tell about the lenders in detail. Which mortgage provider is reliable and which one is not, every information can be attained in a few minutes through brokers.

Access to manifold services through broking company

A broker not only finds mortgage deal for you but also offers many other services as part of a complete package. These are –

  • Documentation and management of complete loan procedure
  • Scrutiny of the market to find the best mortgage deal
  • Efficient and result-oriented bargain from the lenders on the interest rates
  • Facilitates mortgage insurance to cover any issue in the loan installments
  • Ensures timely disbursement of funds

It is great to leave everything on someone and sit to relax and be there to provide the necessary support.

Save money through fee-free services

Not every broker takes a fee. There are different methods through which brokers charge their commission. Not all ask for money from the fund seekers. Many broking companies take their share from the lenders directly. For you, such a broking company is a better option. It is not difficult to find such type of brokers. To suggest an example, fee-free digital broker that charges 0% fee from its customers.

Now some hard work on your part

After you have the answer where to get the mortgage deal as the first time buyer and how it is vital that you also play your part. Certain factors should be perfect in your finances. Then only, the broker can help you with the right type of deal.

  • Try to keep a good credit score – Credit rating is always decisive in every financial decision.  However, nowadays, bad credit mortgages are also available. However, this does not mean that you have to liberty to act carelessly in your finances. Poor credit score people have to pay higher rates, and it may become difficult to qualify for the desired amount. Pay the bills and debts on time and maintain a good credit rating.
  • Keep a satisfactory debt-to-income ratio – 60:40 and 70:30 are the two idol levels of debt to income ratio. Do not let the debts dominate your income. They are always harmful to your chances of approval on the mortgage. To play safer and increase the chances of getting a ‘yes’ from the lender, it is necessary to keep stable finances. Do not take any new loan, do not max out the credit card and keep your expenses in control.
  • Try to generate extra earning if you have a lower income – It is not good to have a small figure as your monthly salary. Stronger you look in your financial condition, better are the chances of attaining funds in a short time. Lenders always admire people with high income and low debt percentage.


It is not very difficult to get a mortgage as a first-time buyer because the lending industry is much advanced now. Some ways make your way to the attainment of funds quickly and smoothly.  Hiring a broker is one of the ways to get things done correctly. You can choose from many options, can get a cheaper deal and can have a look at the procedures in the most relaxed manner. It is vital to work on preventive measures and move on with the right types of methods.

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