The Best 5 Shoulders Exercises That You Should Follow For Bigger Shoulders


There is one thing in common for every body builders that their shoulders. Shoulders get wider look for every person and its look so attractive too. Wide and strong shoulders are not good for any body builders but it is also important for common men like us, Yeah Strong and wider shoulders give us different looks from other guys. Shoulders are main and important parts of the body.

Try these shoulders exercises at gym as well as at home for bigger and delta type shoulders. But before going to do shoulders you should do body warm up first, Otherwise it gets injury in your shoulders. You can do shoulders warm up 10 minutes.

1. Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press

Barbell overhead shoulder press workout is most important for your shoulders as well as your body. It gains muscles of shoulders and it makes strengthener in your body. Start with Put your feet as shoulders width and make tight grip to dumbbells or weight lifter. And then squeeze your shoulders up and down together with weights. Make sure more weights means not more gains. If you do perfect form in exercise then it will gains not more weights.

Do 4 Sets (8-12 reps in each sets) and Increase some weights if you can because it will help to gain your muscles.

2. Sitting dumbbell shoulders press

If you want perfect shape of your shoulders then without this exercise you cannot gain your shoulders properly. To perform seated dumbbell shoulders press sit on bench and take your dumbbells in both hands at your shoulders level. Keep your head and back straight to perform perfectly. Lift the dumbbells overhead do not touch both dumbbells on overhead. Just hold that dumbbells for few seconds and do reverse position carefully and slowly.

Do 4 Sets (8-12 reps in each sets) and Increase some weights after every set.

3. Front Raise Vertical

Front raise shoulders exercise mainly use for front part of your shoulders to target and gain the muscles. You can use dumbbells or weight plats for do this exercise. First to perform keep your hands tight grip with dumbbells and in Vertical position. With breath in raise your both or one by one hand up to your shoulder’s height and then put down to reverse position slowly. You can do this exercise with raise your both hands and single hand one by one. While you perform this exercise concentrate your shoulder’s front part. Prefer lower weight to start this exercise.

Do 4 Sets (8-12 reps in each sets) and Increase some weights after every set.

4. Bent Over Dumbbells Lateral Raise

This shoulder exercise to use for makes your shoulder wide and middle deltoids. You can this exercise with seated or standing position. Start with the dumbbells in your hands, chest up, back straight and bent over your knees slightly. Your eyes focused on middle point when you bent. Keeping your elbows slightly in bent position then raise your both hands with weights, Take pause and down to reverse position slowly. Try to concentrate your back area of the shoulders. Use light weights for perform bent over lateral raise.

Do 4 Sets (8-10 reps in each sets)

5. Dumbbell Lateral Raise

If you want more wider and professional Shoulders then you should do this exercise perfectly. This exercise targets Middle core of shoulders. Start with this exercise with standing position, keep your feet and shoulders width apart, chest up, tight abs and straight your head. After all hard part of exercise is starting that lift dumbbells in both of the hands and start to raise hands above the shoulders, Hold the dumbbells for few seconds and then do reverse position. Slightly bent your elbows when you perform this exercise. Use lower weights and concentrate your middle core part of your shoulders.

Do 4 Sets (8-12 reps in each sets) and Increase some weights after every set.

Be patient, Follow these 5 most important exercises to get bigger and muscular shoulders. Do hard work and concentrate your mind while you are doing an exercises, it will help to get good and effective results.

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