Full Chest Workout at Home without Weights & Equipment


Chest is most attractive part of man’s body and it gives killer looks too. But if you think that in the gym you should do bench presses and you will get bigger and wider chest then you are totally wrong.

The only weights are not effective to build muscles for any part of the body. Here we share some excellent information that you can build up your chest and make your hands stronger in parallel without lifting heavy weights and dumbbells or spend time on bench press.

You should follow these exercises at home and no need to go the gym. During lock down and coronavirus you can also gain your chest at home without equipment or dumbbells.

So, How to do chest workout at home without dumbbells or any kind of weights?

You can start with 30 push ups in 3 sets with 15 seconds rest between each set.

1. Normal Push ups

Start with normal push ups to train your chest muscles and warm-up. You can do 30 normal push ups without rest. If you feel little bit pain in your chest then after you have to do 5 more push ups for strong intense to your chest muscles. You can do your hands wider equal to your shoulders and both legs will be touch with feet. Normal push ups are whole chest workout without gym or any kind of equipment like dumbbells, bench presses and all.

2. Diamond Push ups

These push ups will help you to increase your strength and make stronger your hands too. In diamond push ups make position as same as normal push ups but do only your hands closer a center of your chest this called diamond push ups. After normal push ups do these push ups for get vertical line to your chest.

3. Clap Push ups

There are different types of push ups which make your body strong and strengthen. One of these is clap push ups. In this push ups your starting position same as normal push ups. After you lower your body when you do clap push ups start. Next step you need to jump when you push up your body and with the clap you will down to ground with your body. With landing position your elbows slide bent and spring back yourself again.

4. Staggered Push ups

This push ups are same as normal push ups but the main thing is that your both hands. In this variation of push ups your one hand is stand higher then your other hand which should remain in line with your shoulder. You can take small stool or any object that makes you comfortable and with minimum height. When you execute these push ups your lower hand will up with the force more as it basically. Then after you finished your sets at one side and do again with another hand. These push ups will help you to increase your strength for your body.

5. Wide Grip Push ups

Wide grip push ups are little bit tough for beginners but there are more benefits of these push ups. With the push ups you can target both muscles of your front shoulders and your core chest. The main advantage of this push ups is your chest become wider and you can feel it if you do this proper in form. To perform this push ups stand your body with as normal push ups but the change is make your hands wider then normal. Wide grip feels more muscles intense and you can feel it while you are doing it.

Push ups are evergreen exercises for increase your body strength to perform your other exercises like biceps, for get wider shoulders etc. Do minimum 20 push ups before you start any other exercises because its best warm-up exercises also. These are few push ups types we shared with you and you can do that all push ups at home for your whole chest workout without weights, dumbbells or equipment.

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